Meeting Minutes (2/10/16)

Good News Everyone! We have some new officers:
Vice President: Karl Hunter (
Executive Officer: Charlotte Bernhard (
Executive Officer: Daniel Ruggiero (
For all of our upcoming trips, please check our Upcoming Happenings
We still need 2-3 people to join the quiz bowl team! Auditions will be held in the coming weeks for someone who has a good knowledge of mammals or fish. Participating students will be required to attend both the student conclave and NEAFWA conference. Also you must have taken one of the upper division Wildlife Science course such as EFB 390 and 481. To take advantage of this opportunity please contact Alli at

Beast Feast will take place on April 22nd in Nifkin Lounge. We are looking for people to volunteer to help set up/take down and run the event. Also, we are looking for people to donate and cook game meat. Please contact our club president Leah at if you'd like to help out.

Do you want a pheasant? Well, DEC is accepting applications for their day-old pheasant program. In this program, DEC works with the Onondaga County Federation of Sportsman to raise ~2,500 pheasants from one day old to the point of release. You will need to be a local but if you would like more information and a chance to raise a pheasant, contact Leah.

Unfortunately, Robyn Niver was unable to make it to our meeting today because of the weather but we do have her PowerPoint. I highly suggest you look it over, as the FWS is a major agency and plays a big role in the Endangered Species Act. If you have any questions, you can contact Robyn at

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