Past Events

  • Ranger School Telemetry Workshop
  • Page Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (Saturday, April 15  2-4 p.m.) Assisted Cindy Page in painting the center as well as cleaning the facilities.
  • NYS TWS Annual Meeting (April 12 - 13) Students attended this meeting as a networking event at which they could also learn about current research and improve their wildlife knowledge.
  • Northeast Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies Annual Conference (Sunday 04/03 - Tuesday 04/07) A professional conference involving speeches and research presentations, held in Annapolis. It was a good networking opportunity for our junior and senior members.
  • Northeast TWS Student Conclave (Friday 04/01 - Sunday 04/03) Hosted by Juniata College, this event involved many hands-on and educational workshops and a quiz bowl tournament which ESF won! 2018 Conclave hosted by Green Mountain State College, ESF won!
  • Raptor Surveys  (3/30/16) We went to Montezuma for an opportunity to assist our fellow researchers in taking stock of the raptors passing through the reserve and to experience what it's like to scan survey points and trying to identify birds in flight. We were accompanied by experienced surveyors.
  • Field Techniques Workshop (3/26/16) TWS officers taught practical techniques used out in the field. This involved setting up traps, walking transects, etc in Oakwood Cemetery.
  •  DEC Duck Trapping (Monday 2/22 - Wednesday 2-24) We volunteered at Montezuma Wildlife Refuge at 8 a.m. for hands-on experience duck trapping, banding and releasing with our local DEC employees. Even some cloaca examinations were done.
  •  The Wild Center (2/20/16) Located in Tupper Lake, The Wild Center, is a beautiful natural history center aimed at educating the public on healthy interactions with the natural world. We took a behind-the-scenes tour of the center and experienced a climate change presentation.
  • Page Wild Rehabilitation Center (10/24 & 10/25 ) Hands-on experience with wildlife rehabilitation with Cindy Page, a certified NYS rehabilitator. Volunteers helped to paint some parts of the center and interacted with raptors as well as cleaning up the facility.
  • Wolf Mountain Nature Center (10/18/15) Too[k a private tour of the center and met with the head curator, Will, to learn about how the center came to be and how it's maintained.We were lucky to take the tour with Cornell's Wildlife Society and interact with them while learning about wolves, arctic foxes and coyotes.
  • Page Wildlife Center (10/2, 1 p.m.)This volunteering event gave the chance to get hands-on experience with wildlife rehabilitation with Cindy Page, a certified NYS rehabilitator. We mostly dealt with raptors and cleaned up the facility. It was a great opportunity to get close to wildlife before they returned to their natural habitat and also, to learn about another possible future career.
  • NYS Fall Field Meeting (9/25/15 - 9/26/15)
    The NYS chapter of The Wildlife Society held their annual Fall Field Meeting at ESF's Ranger School. The purpose of this event was to bring together professionals and students to meet, discuss relevant topics in the field and practice some techniques. It was a great place to network and get some experience. There were some discussions, presentations and hands-on workshops centered around this year's theme of "forestry and its impact on wildlife",
  • Duck Banding at Montezuma (9/22/15, early morning)Members learned about population monitoring and got the chance to band and then release a duck. It was a good opportunity to talk to the biologists who have been doing this research for quite a while.
  • Pennsylvania Elk Rut Trip (9/18/15)
    Headed out to the Elk Country Visitor Center in Benezette, PA to meet with their wildlife biologist Jeremy Banfield, who will teach us about elk management and help us to find some elk.

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