January 22nd Meeting Minutes

TWS Meeting 01/22
First of all a very big thank to Dr. Shannon Farrell, Joe Folta, Ray Gutteriez, Terra Rentz, and Dr. Mike Schummer for taking time out of their busy schedule to join us in our meeting. They had a lot of great tips and advice on jobs to serve with us.

- it should be more than 1 page, and as long as necessary.
- add in any experience or skills that you can think of; something knowing a special skill, or how to operate a special piece of  equipment can give you that competitive edge. Listing a diverse set of skills (navigation, scuba diving, computer skills) helps a lot as well.
- the action vocabulary you use is also important; avoid words like 'assisted' or 'helped', if you did a survey, or used a machine, say you did/used it. Words that demonstrate qualities (I lead a group project, I dealt with high conflict situations...) can make you more desirable as well.
- Have a clean, readable layout. Be consist in style. Avoid extra fancy symbols and choose a simple font.

Cover letter:
- this is a space for you to fill in the gaps, say something about your interests, learning ability, what you hope to gain in a job. extracurricular activities you think are relevant...
- try not to just repeat what is on your resume

Email etiquette: (when you are contacting a potential or future employer)
- be formal and polite; don't be afraid to use their formal title (Dr. , Prof., Director...),
    Start email with: 'Dear Dr. _______'/ , End with: 'Sincerely, _________'. don't be too casual.
- add some compliments: I am very interested in your work on botcats, I really like this program ran by your office...
- add 'thank you for your time' to show that you respect their time
- always spell check, misspelling word looks really bad to an employer
- tell them that you will follow up with them in a week or two; your employer is a busy person and your email will probably get buried in the other thousands of emails and they can't find yours, so the follow up email will be a great reminder to them and way to contact you back.
- DO NOT go above your employer's head and contact their supervisor if they don't get back to you. That is really bad manners and you would have made a really bad impression of yourself.
- contact the hiring officer to for any details about the position that are unclear to you
- if you are emailing about potential open positions, don't be afraid to attach your resume. The employer can then look at it to see if you can fit into any position they might have or direct you elsewhere where you would be a better fit.

Desirable skills:
- most of the time you won't possess every single skill an employer wants, that's OK.
- emphasize on skills/qualities that can't be taught quickly; leadership, problem solving, communication... Technical skills can always be taught.
- try and link skills that you possess to what they are looking for; it might be be the same but having something close or related is better than have nothing.
- browse job websites that see what are some common skills that employer always want (GPS, compass, GIS, hiking...) and use your time in college/clubs to get them.

Other comments:
- always do your research; either to show that you know what research a professor is doing or the nature of the organization you're applying to
- don't decide what is important to your employer myself; there are always transferable skills/experience from a non-field related job (waiter, baby sitter...) that the employer might think is useful
- show that you are willing to do what others aren't; traveling long distances, working in remote locations...
- have good references; people who can read a good paragraph about you, your work ethic, personality, skills. Try to branch out from faculty members.
- cast a wide net when applying for jobs, geographically and title wise; apply to jobs all over the country, don't cut out jobs working with plants or insects, these still give you valuable experience and maybe even a good reference.

Job searching:
Some websites to look into -
- Federal jobs-  http://www.USAJobs.gov
    - search '0404' code for biological technician jobs
    - use language/vocabulary the hiring post use when writing application. Don't just copy and paste
    - don't be afraid to call the hiring officer if your application goes through. Let them place a voice/face to your resume.
- NYS jobs - http://www.dec.ny.gov/about/jobs.html
- Higher education jobs - https://chroniclevitae.com/job_search/new —
- Texas A&M job board (aka wildlife job goldmine) -  http://wfscjobs.tamu.edu/job-board/
- The Wildlife Society - http://careers.wildlife.org/jobseeker/search/results/
- Ecological Society of America - http://www.esa.org/esa/careers-and-certification/job-board/
- ESF has Green Link - http://www.esf.edu/career/greenlink.htm
Organizations: WWF, Ducks Unlimited, Audubon Society, SCA... go to their websites and look for jobs/hiring pages

Upcoming events
Insomnic event (1/23 tonight 10pm)
Co-hosted with the Birding Club. There will be cookie, games, and Happy Feet! Come check it out. 10pm at Nifkon lounge tonight!

Gary Alt (02/12)
Gary Alt is a bear researcher and he will be speaking at an Adaptive Peak seminar on Thur 2/12 in Illick 5 at 4pm.

Ranger School winter weekend (02/27 - 02/29)
We are going to try and involve the ranger school more in our club this year. The ranger school is having an awesome winter weekend where you can do fun winter activities like curling and snowball and other fun stuff. Sign up here for more info later on: http://goo.gl/forms/LrkJ7NJKxZ We also want to see if we can plan a possible snowtracking/telemetry weekend later up there as well.

Deer Tackling with PAGC (Mid Feb-Early March)
We are planning a trip down to the PA Game Commission do deer tackling which basically means you dress up in heavy gear, get in a trap and tackle  the deer inside and help with tagging. It will be a weekend trip that will be lots of fun and lots of physical work, but also tackling deer. We are considering 2 possible weekends so sign up on all possible weekends that you're free: http://goo.gl/forms/cF32J9xFLe. Feel free to contact Mike with any questions (mdmenza@syr.edu).

Beast Feast (03/21)
Beast Feast is our giant annual fundraiser event. It's lots of fun. There will be a potluck with game meat dishes, raffles, and silent auctions. It's free entry if you bring a dish so here's a chance for you to show off your culinary skills! More info and arrangement coming later.

Turtle Survey (date TBA)
As you might recall we mentioned a multi-state wide turtle survey last year. There still isn't a lot of details out at this moment but this will involve doing counts along transects for the endangered turtle species. Please sign up in the link below and if you are interested in leading/designing the survey, please say so in the survey: http://goo.gl/forms/U0yYS5SynR and Thea can put you in contact with the DEC officer in charge of this. Feel free to email her with any questions (rtcooper@syr.edu).

Rosamond Gifford zoo visit (date TBA in Feb or March)
There will be a possible behind-the-scenes zoo visit at the Rosamond Gifford zoo sometime. You'll get a chance to see how the zoo works and various exhibit animals. Details are still being worked out at this point so keep an eye out.

(Many) Conferences
NYS State Meeting (02/26-02/27)
the New York State meeting will be at Gateway this year, so no travel cost! Everyone should go if they can. It is a great opportunity to connect, listen to talks, and just be immersed in a professional environment. Sign up here for more info coming later: http://goo.gl/forms/66X9AKuxZT.

Student Conclave (03/27-03/29)
Conclave will be at Paul Smiths this year, which is very close to us. It's a meeting between student clubs and a great choice to talk to peers in our field. There will be workshops, talks, a Quiz Bowl, and competition. Sign up here for more info: http://goo.gl/forms/xKVWH5Xxyr

If you have already signed up for trips during the meeting, you are all set.

T-shirt competition
We are also most out of club T-shirt (M and L sizes left!) so there will be a T-shirt design competition. Show of your design and art skills and submit your design for the club shirt on a A4/letter sizes document with 1 front design and 1 back design and send it to us. The winner will win a free T-shirt.

Feel free to email any of the officer or our president Thea with any questions (rtcooper@syr.edu)

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