September 18th meeting minutes and summary

TWS Meeting 9/18
Urgent deadlines
The next two important events are the NYS Fall field meeting and the National Meeting. The Fall Field Meeting is happening on 10/3 - 10/4 (Fri-Sat). The last day for registration is 9/24 (this Wed). Please contact Peter Iacono ( or meet him in Moon library from 11:30am - 12:30pm on Wednesday to hand in your registration forms. 
The National Meeting is happening on the last week of October and is a week long, so accommodations and transportation need to be arranged as soon as possible. Please contact Peter as soon as possible if you are confirmed on attending.

Past events
The bioblitz was a huge successful, we had around 20 members coming out to Onondaga Lake helping out in the herps, birds, bats and mammals portions. There were around 400 species recorded in total.

The elk camping trip crew had an amazing time. There were many elk present in the area that were really close and they displayed a lot of pre-rutting display.

The duck banding trips were also a lot of fun and educational. There were around 20 ducks between the 5 traps and the weather was crisp and clear. Everyone had a chance to handle and band ducks under the supervision of the refuge staff.

Professor Cohen’s presentation
Professor Cohen came to the meeting and gave a presentation on his wildlife career and gave some funny anecdotes also well as useful tips for a future professional career.

Our new website
Courtesy of our vice president Thea, we now have a new website:
Check the website regularly for meeting minutes, future meeting topic and information about trips and events.
If there are any great photos from trips you want to share with the club, email them to to Thea ( and we'll posted on the website.

We also had our first Quiz bowl practice after the meeting and had a blast with it. They will keep happening, so stay behind after if you're interested, or just for fun.

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