February 19th Meeting Minutes

TWS Meeting 02/19
We were very fortunate to have Ed Pugliese from the Onondaga County Sportsmen Federation and Women In Nature (WIN) to come speak to us about work done by those organizations. The Federation is a county-wide group that does a lot of work with legislation with hunting. 

The big event coming up with WIN is their Outdoor Skills Workshop. It's a full day event, the main goal is to introduce women to different outdoor activities. There will be a number of different workshops which gives people a great chance to observe and learn it for themselves. This year's Workshops are being hosted at 4/25 in Fayetteville-Manlius Rod and Gun Club.​ They are welcoming anyone who wants to volunteer, either for the Workshops, setting up, standing-by, taking down etc, or even just a regular volunteer for WIN. This is a great event and it is a lot of fun to participate in and WIN is just a great group to work with in general. I've attached some shots of workshops that happened last year.

Some other organization that Ed is affiliated with are Pheasants Forever and Ruffed Grouse Society in Syracuse. Those are also great organizations that would love to work with us. Anyone interested working or volunteering with those groups should check out their sites: http://www.federationofsportsmen.com/wp/ or contact Ed (email: pka@aol.com). He'd be happy to set you up with something related to your interests with any of the groups and works with your schedule. Be sure to title your email with something like [ESF Student....] or [Volunteering with...]

Shout out to the Ranger School peeps! Welcome to the meeting! We successfully skyped them in the meeting tonight.

Upcoming events
NYS State Meeting (02/26-02/27) Next weekend

Please email Thea (rtcooper@syr.edu) if you are signed up for the New York State meeting so she can organize rides accordingly.

Winter Weekend (2/27-3/1)
The Winter Weekend is right after the NYS Meeting, so transportation will leave immediately after that, and we will most likely arrive back on Sun (3/1). There is a lot going on up there, a midnight hike, hockey, curling, dog sledding etc. Other towns in the area are also hosting a number of other activities if you wish to explore. 

Bowhunter Certification (4/20, 4/22, 4/23)
​Joe Folta has once again graciously organization a Bowhunter Certification course. It is 3 nights from 5:45pm-9:00pm at the Pompey Rod and Gun Club. You will need to attend all 3 nights to get certified since a certain number of hours of instruction is required. It is open to the public, so sign up here: https://www.register-ed.com/events/view/59108asap. As of the moment of this email, 24/36 spots are open.

Deer Tackling (3/6 and/or 3/20)
Unfortunately we were unable to go down to PA last weekend because they were having some issue with setting and reaching traps, rocket launcher, and just bad weather in general. Right now we are tentatively rescheduling the trip to either 3/6 (the start of Spring Break) or 3/20. Watch out for this.

Beast Feast (4/4)
So happy to announce that the date for Beast Feast has been finalized at 4/3 (Fri) at 5pm in Nifkin Lounge. If you didn't know already, Beast Feast is our club's major fund raising opportunity where we serve game dinner and this year we will serve vegetarian options again.
 - WIN is a big help and are donating a lot of meat to us (we heard something about 5lbs of moose and possibly some geese tonight), but if you have any other game meat (moose, deer, squirrel, rabbit, FISH) you wish to donate we will take it!
 - We are also looking for people to cook the meat. If you bring a dish, you get free admission. Otherwise it will be $5 for a ticket in advance and $10 for a ticket at the door.
 - We are also looking for freezer space to store the meat, so please please contact us if you have some space to keep few pounds of frozen game in your freezer.
If you are interested in helping coordinate the feast, contact us, and it's also free admission for you as well. You can contact our president Thea (rtcooper@syr.edu) about anything.

And related to that:
T-shirt competition  
Please submit your designs to us soon! We want to order some new t-shirts and have them arrive in time to sell at Beast Feast. You can had them in person or emailing an electronic copy to us.

Our vice president, Russell is looking for volunteers to help visit sites to look for snowy owls, so if you have a car and binoculars, and enjoy looking for awesome birds, email him (rewinter@syr.edu).

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