September 4th Meeting Summary and Notes

Meeting time
From this point forward, we will have our meeting on every other Thursdays at 6pm at different locations, so look out for our emails. 

T-shirts and student contributions
There are a limited number of club T-shirts left so be sure to buy them while you can! After all the shirt are sold, we will be hosting our own little T-shirt design competition and any member is eligible to enter. You will need to design a logo for the club and a design for the back of the shirt. The winner get a free shirt!

We are still collecting student contributions that will help with funds for trips and other things, it's $10 for the semester or $15 for the year.  
If you have questions about how to pay your dues, please contact Mollie Nugent (  

TWS Meeting 9/4

The officers all introduced themselves and talked a little about themselves, their summers and also some really great and exciting past trips TWS went on last year.

There were sign-ups for a lot of up-coming events. Events and trip are a great time to have fun, get some hands-on experience and bond with your club members and make connections, so check them out: 

Presidential Bioblitz (9/12 – 9/13)
The bioblitz is happening on 9/12 – 9/13 3pm to 3pm at Onondaga Lake and many of the professionals in charge need help to set up traps the night before. We will be involved in mammals, bats, herps and birds portions of the set up.  
Please email Peter Iacono ( if you are interested and list the portions you’re interested in helping out on and the times you’re available

Elk camping trip in Pennsylvania (9/12 – 9/14) 
A camping  trip down in Pennsylvania on 9/12 – 9/14. This is the same weekend as the Presidential Bioblitz, so you’ll have to choose one or the other. You’ll be able to see some rare elk mating rituals and a chance to meet the leading Elk biologist.
Please email Mike Menza if you’re interested ( Please indicate if you can drive or not and how many you can fit in your car not including yourself.

Duck Banding at the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge (9/15, 9/19, 9/24)
The Refuge is going to be banding any ducks that they catches on Monday 9/15, Friday 9/19 and Wednesday 9/24. We will be arriving at the refuge at 8am in the morning. It would be a great chance to learn all about banding and getting some hands on experience.
Please email Stephanie Wong if you’re interested ( and the dates you can go. Those dates are finalized. 

Professional Certifications (9/21)
Joe Folta is leading a course for Bow-hunting certification on 9/21 for the day starting at 9am, which will allow you to be professionally certified for the State.  We are also looking to see if we can join other certification courses including Hunting, Trapping and and email Peter Iacono ( if interested in the rest.  

There is also a Chemical Immobilization course and will require a fee.
Please email Thea Cooper ( if you are interested and would like to know more detail. 

NYS Fall Field Meeting (10/3 – 10/4)
The Fall Field Meeting is happening on Friday 10/3 – Saturday 10/5 and it is a great chance to connect with wildlife professionals in our field. 

TWS National Meeting (10/25 – 10/30) 
This year’s national conference is being held at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. It is the largest conference in our field and an excellent opportunity to connect and mingle with professionals and other wildlife students across the country. It is a great place to learn to socialize professionally and possibly even get job offers. The conference is held between 10/25 – 10/30 which is a week long and registration fee is $265.
Please email Peter Iacono ( if you are interested and would like to learn more details about the conferences.  

We are also starting a driver’s list to keep track of anyone willing to drive on our trips. Please email Thea Cooper ( if you want to be put on the list. This would really help us with organizing our transportation.

There will also be open practices for Quiz Bowl during the semester beginning directing after our next meeting and try-outs later on for anyone that wishes to participate in the team. The selected members will have to go the National Meeting in October as Quiz Bowl Nationals will be held during then. 

If you missed the meeting and would like to go on the trips listed above, please email the people listed above asap. If you were at the meeting and already signed up, you are all good. If there is a trip that you would like to plan for the club, please tell one of the officers! We would love to do more fun stuff with our members. 

If you have any questions or comment regarding anything at all please contact any one of the Wildlife Society Officers! We are more than happy and excited to speak to you all.

Here’s to a great semester and looking forward to see you all next meeting! All the best!

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